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   emagiC CMS.Net v16.0 (SP3) has been released !!!

   What's new in v16.0 ?


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01. Content Management

emagiC CMS.Net


emagiC CMS.Net v15.0 is out!  This new version includes support for IE v11 and an update of the wysiwyg editor CKEditor.



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02. Business case



The Poppers-Senco subsidiaries are primarily involved in the sales of nail, staple and screw systems as well as an extremely broad range of complementary fastening products.

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03. Services



We provide training courses for website administrators as well as technical courses for developers using emagiC CMS.Net as framework for their web project.





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emagiC CMS.Net v16.0 SP3 is out!

emagiC CMS.Net v16.0 SP3 has been released. Check out the new features.

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