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FederautoFEDERAUTO is the confederation of the car trade and repair and related sectors. In this capacity it upholds the interests - social, judicial, fiscal and technical - of sixteen federations in five sectors. To provide the six thousand members with the necessary information and support, the organisation uses her website a lot.


“Our previous website was too busy”, says Ilse Zurinckx. “There was lots of information on it, but you couldn’t see the wood for the trees. That’s why we decided to have a new website made. We looked for a partner who could give us advice and who would tune the new website to our and our members’ needs. Even during the first meeting with Emakina Group we felt the team would really be in control of structure, design and technique. They reassured us that they wanted to steer our wishes in the right direction without currying favour with us. Despite the size of the project, the cooperation went very smoothly. The new website went live in 2006, and we are very proud of it. We also received praise from our members.”


Information management


The excellent result is due to the content management system. Ilse Zurinckx: “Emakina introduced emagiC CMS.Net to us because of the many built-in possibilities and outstanding user-friendliness. Moreover it allowed the web developers to graft their own modules on to it. In the meantime I can confirm that we, thanks to emagiC CMS.Net, can manage our information online really simply and can put it at the disposal of our members.”


“Six thousand members can login to the site and place vacancies or update information. We do encourage them to use the site as much as possible, e.g. for downloading or ordering forms. That way the pressure on our call centre is relieved somewhat.”


Every associated federation will get a comprehensive introduction on the site. Using the contact form it is easy to request information or order forms. Also the catalogue with all the members is an interesting module. “You do need to login to the site for that. Are you looking for a supplier of a certain make or product in your region? You can find it via the website. The intention is for our members to appeal to each others’ services as easily as possible.”


Best choice


In reality, emagiC CMS.Net appears to be just as versatile as userfriendly. “For example we, ourselves, put press releases and our monthly newsletters online or we amend information. And in case I doubt how to do things, e.g. how to secure a page, I call Emakina and get an answer practically straight away.”


“It is also possible to perform automatic processes. Our member files are updated every night. The details of new members are added and amendments to existing members implemented.” Also emagiC CMS.Net provides a module to secure documents. “This is for documents which are restricted to some users only. For example a form which the garage owner uses to apply to the federal government for a premium when he has sold an environmentally-friendly car. Those documents are only accessible to our members.”


“Due to the simple arrangement of the information and the well thoughtout layout, the website is a nice place to find your way in the world of FEDERAUTO” , Ilse Zurinckx adds. “Everything has its place: federations, events, press releases, newsletters, magazine, documentation, etc. And emagiC CMS.Net offers the possibility to highlight campaigns and to communicate with visitors using questionnaires or a newsletter.”


The end result? At FEDERAUTO we are very happy with emagiC CMS.Net and Emakina. “The deadline and the budget were adhered to, and for us as well as for our members the website is particularly user-friendly. To go for the duo Emakina – emagiC CMS.Net was the absolute right choice.



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