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Teleroute in transports of delight over emagiC CMS.Net


TelerouteEvery day as many as 150,000 loads appear online on Teleroute’s freight exchange. Carriers throughout Europe use it enthusiastically. Sven Declerq, online marketing manager at Teleroute: “Research shows that one in three wagons on European roads is running empty. That is a huge waste of time and energy. Our online service optimises fright traffic by matching available freight to available transport capacity. Teleroute, which is part of the Wolters Kluwer group, is Europe’s market leader in this field.”


The website www.teleroute.com is the portal to Teleroute’s services and the freight exchange. There potential customers can find all the details of the different packages: Teleroute Go, Pro and Active. Registered users – and there are no less than 60,000 of them – can log into the freight exchange where two new consignments are added every second.


On the right road


“Because user friendliness is a top priority, for the development of our new public websites, we sent a request for proposal out to a few internet companies. We chose Emakina, who gave us guidance on the lay-out and look & feel, web strategy and the content management system. Their experts estimated every aspect of what we needed from the website correctly. The choice of emagiC CMS.Net also seemed like a bull’s-eye. Furthermore the teamwork during development and implementation was excellent. And everything was fixed up in barely eight weeks.”


“What is more, emagiC CMS.Net is in fact just as complete and user friendly as Emakina had proclaimed. We have a comprehensive and clearly structured manual, but after just a basic training course we were able to manage the content ourselves. For example, adding a field to an online form is child’s play. With our old website altering pages of content was much more laborious. Our local marketing managers now have much more control of things – which was our aim.”


“Furthermore emagiC CMS.Net is built up logically down to the smallest details and has a series of interesting modules as standard and as options. Hence the system can grow painlessly with our needs. Thanks to the API with over 3000 functions, Emakina can easily reprogram things to make the website fit our needs exactly.”


Unrestricted and multilingual


The important thing in an international environment is that emagiC CMS.Net allows several other websites to be grafted onto one single site – and what is more, with a single licence. “In this way we are developing a uniform international ‘web community’ in the countries where we operate. Our home page contains dozens of links to Teleroute’s local websites in Europe. Some fifteen of these are already operating under emagiC CMS. Net and the rest are following.”


“The standard multilingualism of the content blocks (data parts) of the system is a particular plus here. Adding content in another language, even in Romanian, Polish, Turkish or – who knows – Chinese is done in parallel. We then put the content blocks anywhere we want on the website. This is particularly handy and time-saving.”


Just as freight must reach its destination by the shortest route, potential customers must find their way to the freight exchange easily. Optimum matching of your website to online search engines (Search Engine Optimisation or SEO) is no longer a superfluous luxury. “After the development a specialist company examined our new website in that respect and was full of praise for the facilities that emagiC CMS.Net offers as standard in that area.”


Many visitors, no queues


The fact that your website has been found can only be a good thing for the users and for the business. But then it always has to be available and reliable. “By using the replication module of emagiC CMS.Net, intended for very heavily used websites, we can make use of load balancing. To put it another way, we spread the load of the large number of visitors over two servers. At the same time we get the benefit of a redundant server.”


“Because our website offers reliability and continuity in this way, our customers do not miss out on any opportunities. Thanks to Emakina and emagiC CMS.Net, we as the market leader in Europe are able to offer the service our customers expect – and deserve.”



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