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Business case - Unesco Vlaanderen


Unesco vlaanderenThe Unesco Platform Vlaanderen was founded with the support of the Flemish Community, to coordinate the different Unesco initiatives in Flanders and to promote the ideals that the Unesco defends through its program. The website and magazine play a crucial role in this task. Next to these two, there are different adhoc publications and multi-media projects. Occasionally, the platform organizes (international) events. The Unesco Platform Vlaanderen belongs to an international family of Unesco Centres: non-governmental organizations around the UNESCO.


The third version of the website had to be a jump ahead. Several CMS solutions have been compared to meet the requirements for price, quality and flexibility. The existing website already contained several modules containing a lot of data (“Dossiers”, “Book Reviews”, and “Unesco News”) that had to be migrated into the new site. EmagiC-CMS met the requirements perfectly. The existing modules are now managed from within the CMS and reuse its security model.


Other CMS advantages, like the WYSIWYG editor and site management, have revitalized the site. Pages that were considered as final, now turn out to be outdated and new pages are added. The emagiC CMS made all parts of the website accessible. A couple of months after the launch, only a few pages remain that have not been updated.


A simple and stable graphical layout that works on both small and large screens was preferred. The layout had to present the (long) texts in an easy-to-read format. The lack of photographs and the academical nature of the text is compensated by generic images, with one central picture per category integrated in the templates. Through extensive use of stylesheets, pages on the site are printer friendly.


The vast amount of texts makes the search very important. The search is integrated in every page, making it easily accessible. The results are grouped into categories, including a preview. Hence, the visitor does not have to visit irrelevant pages.


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