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Many customers have chosen the emagiC CMS.Net product to power their websites.

We present some selected cases developed by partners to demonstrate how they have used the emagiC CMS to meet customer's requirements.


Some cases have a detailed PDF attached.  To view the PDF, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. This program is free and can be downloaded from the Adobe website.






Unesco Vlaanderen

Ministry of Justice - Lelystad prison

Franciscan hospital for children


Municipalities (The Netherlands)

Poppers holding


Rail Service Center Rotterdam





Thanks to emagiC CMS.Net, telecom provider BASE can give its clients efficient online information about points-of-sale, formulas, rates and special offers. The system makes it possible to build and manage a dynamic, user friendly website. It is also extremely easy to react quickly with updates, or by adding, removing or changing pages. The system has a solid, extensive basic platform that you can build on to satisfy your exact requirements. This has enabled BASE to include a handy roaming module and dealer locator in its website.

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For a trade association to offer conveniently accessible information to its members, it needs an effective and user friendly website. FEDERAUTO, an association of car trade and repairs businesses and related sectors, found the solution to this problem with emagiC CMS.Net. Today, FEDERAUTO’s six thousand members can easily place, update and remove information themselves. Web developers can add their own modules to the system as they like and can also build additional applications. FEDERAUTO uses this feature to computerise processes and secure documents.

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Teleroute provides an online cargo exchange in Europe that matches cargo in need of transport to the available transport capacity. The website is the gateway to its services and sixty thousand users can log in to the cargo exchange, where as many as two new cargos are added per second. With just one emagiC CMS.Net license, Teleroute has built a uniform international web community in the many countries where it operates. The standard multilingualism of the information blocks is an added advantage. Adding content in another language – such as Romanian, Polish, Turkish, Russian or even Chinese – occurs in parallel.

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VLM Airlines is a business airline that focusses on getting passengers to their destinations in a fast and efficient manner. With short check-in times, fast boarding and disembarkation and by flying to regional airports that are located close to city centres.

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Unesco Vlaanderen is the central source of information in Flanders for everything that concerns UNESCO: the Organization of the United Nations that aims at improving everybody’s future and promoting world peace by stimulating international cooperation in the fields of education, science, culture and communication.

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Unesco vlaanderen


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Ministerie van justitie Nederland

Managing a web shop is child’s play with emagiC CMS.Net. In the Netherlands, a pilot project is being run in Lelystad prison, where prisoners have their own touchscreen in their cells. Using a personal wrist band, they can log in to an e-shop to order everyday items or check their balance. Orders are registered and processed automatically. Once more, emagiC CMS.Net brings maximum efficiency within reach: more orders can be handled in less time and the risk of a wrong delivery is reduced to a minimum.







The Franciscan Hospital for Children, near Boston in the United States, provides care and education for children with special needs. Its choice fell upon emagiC CMS.Net and a simple but effective website of over two hundred pages. The site uses SSL so that the donations on which the hospital depends can be made safely by credit card. SSL is also used to provide access to the extensive extranet. Being able to include a slide presentation has turned their home page into an attractive calling card.

Franciscan Hospital For Children








DIY chain Gamma didn’t have to think for long before opting for emagiC CMS.Net: the user friendliness and transparent structure made it an easy choice. emagiC CMS.Net also makes it possible to combine structured and unstructured content. This has turned managing and updating DIY tips and job vacancies into a simple task. Customers can see folders, special offers and tips online and can register for the newsletter, which includes handy DIY advice. They can also quickly find the five branches closest to a given location with the shop locator. Gamma also loved our standard multilingual approach: the website is completely bilingual in Dutch and French.





MINICIPALITIES (The Netherlands)


The Dutch municipalities Leidschendam-Voorburg, Etten-Leur, Lisse, Krimpen aan den IJssel and Purmerend use KenTIC (Kennisbank Telefonisch Informatie Centrum) to provide public information and answer questions by telephone. KenTIC was developed by Communited, a Dutch Internet company, and uses various emagiC CMS.Net components, such as structured content (XData module) and the extranet functionality. emagiC CMS.Net’s open architecture made it possible to integrate with KenTIC quickly and easily.







Poppers Holding is an international distribution organisation that strives to provide products that give its customers maximum added value. It has been a major player in the market for industrial fastening systems for many years. With branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland and Turkey, the multilingual data parts in emagiC CMS.Net are very useful indeed. The information on the holding company’s website is in Dutch and English. The websites of its subsidiaries – Poppers Senco, Wallebroek, Zimit and Technofast – are available in several languages including Dutch, English, French, Turkish and German, depending on the website. Dealers or clients can log in safely thanks to the User Management and Extranet Security modules. In the near future, customers will be able to submit requests via the website thanks to a new Service form and Where-to-Buy form. The organisation manages an increasing number of websites from one emagiC CMS.Net interface.









"Met emagiC CMS.Net konden we een systeem aanbieden dat heel modulair is opgebouwd, gebruiksvriendelijk is en medewerkers van Studentalent is staat stelt alles in eigen hand te houden. Dit zijn voordelen die bij dit project heel goed tot uiting zijn gekomen. We hebben veel van de mogelijkheden die het systeem standaard aanbiedt kunnen inzetten voor de website én het extranet van Studentalent. Wat dat betreft was het zeker een uitdagend en complex project, waar alle partijen trots op mogen zijn."


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Met een totaaloplossing rondom de digitalisering van de bedrijfsprocessen, heeft Rail Service Center Rotterdam een belangrijke stap gezet voor de komende jaren. Deze totaaloplossing omvat zowel een website, intranet als extranet, allen gekoppeld aan het Content Management Systeem emagiC CMS.Net. Hiermee komen alle belangrijke doelgroepen van RSC op een gemakkelijke, overzichtelijke en snelle wijze aan de voor hen belangrijke informatie. ICT bedrijf Communited uit Oud-Beijerland heeft de technische werkzaamheden voor RSC Rotterdam uitgevoerd.

RSC Rotterdam


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