What's new in emagiC CMS.Net v11.0


Audit trail
Content sharing

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Audit trail

emagiC CMS.Net v11.0 can log all actions that are performed within the administration interface.  The logging feature is turned off by default but can be enabled in the community settings.
The audit trail in the management tree gives an overview of all changes to your content items. You can narrow the audit trail list by:

  • limiting the list to actions of a specific administrator
  • limiting the list to actions performed on a specific item
  • limiting the list to a specific audit category and/or audit action
  • limiting the list to a given date range

The audit trail feature can also be extended to your custom applications and modules using the built-in API methods and properties.


Content sharing

emagiC CMS.Net v11.0 let you share website content.  By adding sharing buttons to your pages you not only share your content with other professionals, clients, friends, ..., but you also generate more traffic to your site and you get better rankings.
The sharing buttons let you share your content via email, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Messenger, WordPress, MSDN, TechNet, NetLog, Plaxo Pulse, ... and many more.
The content sharing feature is implemented through the built-in free AddToAny module and through the AddToAny button in the wysiwyg editor.
The sharing buttons can be customized if needed.



The new modified multimedia module of emagiC CMS.Net v11.0 has been extended to include YouTube movies and Twitter video's.  Furthermore, multimedia content can now be imported directly through the wysiwyg editor, even for XData & XForms items (products).



  • Individual pages/dataparts can now be published without having to approve first.  This will only work of course if you have both approve & publish rights for the page/datapart.
  • The different modules can be added to the region dropdown menu in edit mode.  This makes it much easier to add a datapart of a given module to your page.  Dataparts created this way are sorted by date and placed in the default datapart folder.  To add a module to the region dropdown menu, change the corresponding setting in the module setup screen.
  • The default datapart folder "Autogenerated dataparts" has been renamed to "[default datapart folder]".  Dataparts added to this folder by emagiC CMS.Net will be sorted by date (ex. YYYY 2010 > MM 07 > DD 22 > datapart).
  • If you have a multitude of languages, you might have to scroll horizontally to access all the language tabs (f.e. in the wysiwyg editor).  As of emagiC CMS.Net v11.0, you can define the maximum number of language tabs allowed by a new setting MaxNumberOfTabs in the web.config file.  Once this number of languages has been reached, the language tabs will be replaced by a drop-down box to select the language.
  • In all setup screens, wherever you have to select a module, pageskin, contentskin, container or stylesheet, you now make your selection in a dropdown box instead of passing by the QuickSelect window.
  • All lists in the administration interface (search lists, instances, ...) now implement AJAX functionality for paging and sorting.
  • The new region properties "AccessMode" and "AllowedModules" let you control the access rights to the region and the module types allowed in the region.
  • The category & item icons in the XData view screens now also show the status of the category/item (modified, deleted, ...).  Before, the status was only visible in edit mode.



  • When renaming an element in one of the treeviews, the name is now selected by default.
  • Document gallery module: new boundfield "Date" has been added to display the document date.
  • Poll module: the PollResults control now accepts the "decimals" attribute to define the number of decimals in the result percentage.
  • Wysiwyg editor module: empty links are not allowed anymore.


If you have another great idea for a future release, do not hesitate to contact us.

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