What's new in emagiC CMS.Net v13.0


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
New look & feel of the administration interface

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Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

emagiC CMS.Net v13.0 runs on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. However, if really needed, you can still configure your project to use the .NET Framework 3.5.


New look & feel of the administration interface

The design of the emagiC CMS.Net administration interface has changed to give the user a more attractive and modern tool to work with. The underlying code uses different CSS3 features. Hence, we encourage to use the latest browser versions available today on the market.



  • Multiple document & image upload : date specification has been added per document/image.
  • The ISO code has been added to the language definition. The ISO code will be used as lang attribute in the meta tags when adding meta data to the page.
  • The region control used in pageskins and contentskins now has a new attribute DefaultDataparts. When a new page is created, the region will be automatically populated with these default dataparts.
  • There is a new attribute useTabClick for the administration section of the web.config file.
  • The old editor FreeTextBox (used until emagiC CMS.Net v8.0) was still available through the API for backwards compatibility of existing custom code. In emagiC CMS.Net v13.0, the FreeTextBox editor has been completely removed to reduce the dll size and speed up the compiling process.


If you have another great idea for a future release, do not hesitate to contact us.

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